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March 26, 2006

Vista, Office, OSX yawns

11 April 2006 The other week, the techies were chewing the fat about Microsoft's latest announcement regarding delays for Vista, the successor to Windows XP and latest version of the Microsoft Office suite. Then a re-org was announced a few days later and everyone had a great time tut-tutting about MS and inevitably had fanatics on other platforms growling or subtly purring.

Then last week, Apple showed how you could run Windows on the latest generation Macs. And of course the place went ape about that!

I'm surprised how many folks are still obsessed with the Computing Vendor wars of the eighties and nineties. Microsoft became the dominant player then and it's been difficult to see how anyone could beat them back. Until recently, at least.

The reality is that I don't care about wether my computer is running Wndows XP, Linux or OSX, much less Vista. And I only rarely use anything in the office Suite, other than OneNote. The real action is what happens in the browser. I'm looking forward to Internet Explorer 7 not because of the new features it might offer, but because it will show the rest of the world (which still takes notice of Microsoft) that the real action is IN the browser and with syndication feeds. Not which Vendor's platform the browser is ON.

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