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April 12, 2006

Wretched Syndication (RSS)

12 April 2006 Regulars know that I think Syndication Feeds are the best thing to come along since the WWW. It has taken some time for the Feed phenomenon to hit the mainstream, but now companies such as Microsoft and Google are gearing up to provide mainstream services using Feeds for both business and consumer audiences. By the way, you'll hear a lot of people using the term RSS, which stands for something, somewhere, but calling them Feeds is more, ahem, politically correct. Anyway...

Feed Icon
It would be good for some of us to agree on how to subscribe to feeds and how to display their capability. Diversity is good, but not when it comes to confusing novice users, let alone experienced ones. After years of using (and creating) weblogs, I often still have difficulty finding a Feed or selecting one which best suits my needs. Jeff Veen seemed to care before Google bought the product he was working on, but I've not heard much about it since. Sam and Rogers, Mark and Tim, are there some recommendations we can implement? Or shall we just wait for Microsoft to set the standard?

[A special note to Mark who has just started up his Weblog again: Are you suggesting to leave it to the browser to show that you have Feeds available?]

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