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July 24, 2006

Same Old Same Old

24 July 2006 - Macromedia's ambition is now Adobe's ambition: Build a Cross Platform Application Platform and Go Head to Head with Microsoft. At the recent SuperNova conference in San Francisco, formerly Macromedia's now Adobe's Chief Techie, Kevin Lynch was quoted as follows:

"With Apollo, Adobe hopes to provide a third alternative that provides the same cross-platform capabilities of a web browser, but with a richer set of features -- such as the ability to work when the computer is not connected to the Internet."

Flash didn't fulfil Macromedia's ambition as an interactive application platform within the browser, because Ajax won the hearts and minds of the HTML/Javascript crowd. I wonder if they'll have more success on the Desktop against the .NET etc crowd? And whether the future is on the Desktop or within the Browser?

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July 21, 2006

Philosophy and the wikipedia debate

21 July 2006 I have an admission to make, I enjoy a bit of philosophy on the side. The ABC has a neat philosophy program which gives me a weekly fix. I listen to it via podcast, the New Age way.

A couple of weeks ago, it gave the air to Jaron Lanier, that entertaining self-publicist. He is no longer obessed with Virtual Reality, but is now a critic of the collective wisdom of crowds. Listen to it here (mp3) or, for Jonathon, here is the transcript.

Wikipedia consistently manages to attract a broad range of critics across the spectrum of the litarary and traditional publishing elites, while ever getting much use. There must be a message there somewhere...

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July 16, 2006

Scary Google Page Rank

16 July 2006 I'm finalising a presentation on the Failure of Content Management Systems for the Open Publish conference later this month. This afternoon I was using Google to find some items to illustrate my presentation. It was scary to find that in a search for Content Management Failure, my presentation already ranked # 20 on Google before I even finished writing it!

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July 15, 2006

Living inside the browser

15 July 2006 While the phrase "Web 2.0" doesn't work for me, I aspire to living as much as possible "inside the browser". James Fellows chronicles his experience of only using browser based applications for two weeks. [via Nick Carr]

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