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September 27, 2006

Simplified English

27 September 2006 Now there's a good idea - Simplified English, a standard to (among other things) make it easier for non-native english speakers to understand technical documentation.

Image with hands actross the globe - link to Tedopres
I wasn't aware of it until I saw this post on TCW. What's more, I will use it to good effect tomorrow, when I have dinner with a friend who has been known to favour the Chicago Manual of Style.

By the way, if you expect a pdf download when you request the "free booklet" from Tedopres, the company mentioned in the TCW post, you'll be disappointed. All I got after giving them all my contact information was an email promising that they'll get back to me. A dumb move of their part. I could not find any privacy information on their site either ( I should have looked for that earlier) and the result is an unhappy prospective customer (me). Giving me instant access to the booklet and following up with a sales call later would have been a much more productive move on their part.

Later: James Robertson pointed me to this paper by Susan Harkus and Tomoko Gondow about writing for translation, food for thought!

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