January 07, 2007

A new year, a new perspective

After a few years of independent consulting, I received an invitation late last year which was too good to pass up. Bill Rogers, CEO of Ektron Inc suggested I help him set up an Australian subsidiary. I have long admired Ektron's business and used to distribute for them in the FirmwareDesign days. What's more, Greg Nunn (ExpressLogix), who had been distributing for Ektron agreed to be part of the new venture as its Manager for Application Engineering. A sweet deal if ever there was one...

While I continue to be an independent director of ConverterTechnology Inc, most of my time will be spent in the role of Managing Directior of Ektron Pty Ltd. I expect to continue to occasionally post on this weblog, with a focus on subjects relevant to those who buiild and maintain websites for a living. Mind you, the opinions expressed here are strictly my own and do not necessarily reflect Ektron's views.

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May 23, 2005


In the process of working on a range of projects for clients and privately, I come across interesting, disturbing, useful and useless items. This is where I write about them. Some items might turn into larger projects elsewhere, most will be ephemeral.

I expect readers of this site will be more interested in the impact of technology on business, in usability and how organisations and website visitors interact than in technology for its own sake. Oh... and if you came here expecting to read about sailing, you're in the wrong place. It would also be nice to have some guest spots, but most of the writing around here will probably get done by me, Marius Coomans. Just in case we've never met, here is a photograph from my "late Firmware period".

Photo of Marius

I'll try and leave comments open around here, so feel free to say hello!

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