December 17, 2008

Synch an iPhone with Google Calendar and Contacts

I didn't re-install Outlook when I re-built my laptop a couple of weeks ago. Gmail has been my preferred email client for years now and (almost) all my email addresses point to one Gmail account.Nuevasync It works well with the iPhone and having Outlook is really superfluous, except... Contacts and Calendars.

When I started using the iPhone, I started using Apple's service to synchronize contacts between my iPhone, iPod and Gmail, but was very disappointed, it's slow and unreliable. What is more, it doesn't work with Google calendars.

While there are some solutions for the Mac to sync with Google Calendars, it took me a while to find a solution which works under Windows. After a bit of Googling, I found which emulates Microsoft Exchange and lets you wirelessly synch Google Contacts and Calendars with iPhone and iPods .

While the registration site is a bit slow and clunky, once you get it up and running, it works like a dream. Enter an appointment in my iPhone and it shows up on my PC within minutes, ditto the other way around. Brilliant. And it's cheap: free.

The procedure for setting it up is pretty straightforward, just make sure you start with the right contacts and appointments on Google when you set it up, because the iPhone software will wipe everything before downloading Google's contact and calendar information.

There is a good description about the install at The iLife

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July 24, 2006

Same Old Same Old

24 July 2006 - Macromedia's ambition is now Adobe's ambition: Build a Cross Platform Application Platform and Go Head to Head with Microsoft. At the recent SuperNova conference in San Francisco, formerly Macromedia's now Adobe's Chief Techie, Kevin Lynch was quoted as follows:

"With Apollo, Adobe hopes to provide a third alternative that provides the same cross-platform capabilities of a web browser, but with a richer set of features -- such as the ability to work when the computer is not connected to the Internet."

Flash didn't fulfil Macromedia's ambition as an interactive application platform within the browser, because Ajax won the hearts and minds of the HTML/Javascript crowd. I wonder if they'll have more success on the Desktop against the .NET etc crowd? And whether the future is on the Desktop or within the Browser?

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May 16, 2006

Phone Cameras

16 May 2006 - So far, I have been a sceptic about combining a camera and a mobile phone. Around the corner, there are probably are a few reasons to change my mind.

Picture of Nokia N93 phone being used as a camera

The new Nokia N93 would be an interesting gadget to have on a 3G telephone network. Not only does it have a 3.1 Megapixel still/video camera, it has a Carl Zeiss lens and uses a home (or office) wireless network to print. Oh yes, it is of course also a radio, MP3 player and organiser and provides a high speed internet connection for your laptop.

I believe you can also use it to ring people. Here is a link to its manual.[via Gizmodo]

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June 19, 2005

Testpost from Bloggar

[19 June 2005] After testing Qumana the other day, I thought it was about time I had a look at w.bloggar. Here are my first impressions:
Bloggar is a standalone application, like Qumana, so you can create posts without being online. I had no trouble configuring it for Movable Type.

It presents as a straightforward editor and requires no knowledge of HTML. Unfortunately it isn't WYSIWYG as any formatting commands are simply translated into HTML and inserted in the text. Bloggar seems very complete and I hope to use it for my next few posts. I like its ability to edit previously uploaded items. I was curious to find out what the greyed-out "Template" item in the toolbar does. I had hoped to be able to teach Bloggar my Weblog layout by pointing it to a stylesheet. But we'll have to do some more digging to find out if that's possible, as my copy mysteriously had no help files.

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