January 18, 2007

Corporate blogging

Simon Phipps brings up one of the challenges of corporate blogging: when a staff member leaves, what do you do with his/her blog?

While Sun clearly has a policy, many companies still haven't thought through the consequences of having employees with their own "voice". At the other extreme, I admire the hands-off policy with which Microsoft deals with this issue. Many Microsofties have their own blogs without "adult supervision". The overall effect is to make Microsoft look more human and "plugged-in" to opinion leaders.

I have always thought that adding blogging to a Content Management System was superfluous, with excellent low cost blogging tools around, why bother? And in any case, corporate blogs are easily suspected of astroturfing. So now that I work for Ektron, a vendor which has a blogging tool integrated with its CMS... I just started a CMS400 based blog.

Hold your derisive laughter please, I started the blog on Ektron's intranet. It lets me "tell the inside story" of Ektron's new office down here, and gives me a voice around the office of a company which is at the other side of the world. And the setup costs were close to nothing, the security and privacy are managed by the "host system" and it has seamless integration with other Intranet based sub-systems.

19 Jan: Update on the IBM story which Simon Phipps referred to (IBM restored its former employee's blog).

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January 17, 2007

Fifteen Web Principles

Brendan Quinn posted a link to the BBC's fifteen Web Principles to the CMPros list today. Well thought through and well worth a look. In the early days of the web our local ABC was ahead of the curve and the BBC seemed to lag. That is no longer the case.

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